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Screening Process

 What is the vetting/screening process for potential employment through Emerald Employment? We screen candidates with a questionnaire created by farmers and ourselves. This is to screen for their knowledge of cannabis and farm work.  EE requires all candidates to provide a minimum of three professional references, none of which can be from friends or family. If EE is unable to confirm the references provided, EE does not further consider those candidates. EE also reviews candidates’ social media accounts in the public domain.  


Emerald Employment uses Good Hire  to conduct background checks on its job applicants.  Good Hire provides Emerald Employment the following additional background check services on every job applicant being considered for hire with Emerald Employment :


·        SSN # trace + associated counties/parishes

·        National Criminal Data Base Search

·        Sex Offender List Search

·        Domestic Watch List Search

·        Local county criminal court search on candidates, for seven years’ prior to present, up to three counties.


General requirements to be considered for hire by Emerald Employment:

·        EE job candidates need to also list their past employers.  If their past employers are not listed and they cannot provide that information they are not considered for hire. 

•       Candidates also need to be a minimum of 21 years of age.

•       EE interviewers also look for warning indicators for candidates’ drug abuse.  All of our in-house staffing specialists are aware of the possible physical expressions/signs of drug abuse. 

•       At clients’ request, we also initiate drug panels, if required for our employees’ placement with said clients.

•       All prospective employees are required to execute a drug screen consent form.